Basketball Superstars – Real and True Court Superstars

November 10, 2020

There are many basketball superstars but only few are real and true superstars. Let’s do some profile detailing of these true basketball superstars and learn what it takes to be a real basketball superstar!

Lebron James

From Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA, who has three NBA championship titles (2012 2013 and 2016). He has four NBA MVP and 3 NBA Finals MVP, two Olympic Gold medals, single NBA Rookie of the year award and NBA scoring title. He’s 12 times member of NBA star teams and All NBA teams. He’s Cleveland Cavalier’s all-time leading scorer. Moreover, he’s currently estimated to worth $275 million according to Forbes and rank 39th in 40 Riches Entrepreneurs under 40. His biggest money deal is from his Nike’s lifetime contract, which entitles him more than $1 billion pay depending on his Nike’s James shoes sales. Cleveland has signed him with $100 million contract and has joined the elite group of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant earning more than $30 million in a single contract.

Stephen Curry PG-

NBA’s Golden Warrior superstar and holds the distinction of being NBA’s greatest shooter, 2014-15 NBA MVP Award and the first NBA player to be elected unanimously as MVP and leads the league’s scoring with 50-40-90 stats. He leads the Warriors in making the historic most wins in an NBA season. Curry is ranked as no.69 in Forbes top earning Athlete in 2016 with $23.6 million. His Armour signature shoe deal is set to double his off-court income and also his multi-year deal with Chase and Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Muscle Milk and Brita and Fanatics. It looks like marketers will continue to flood Curry for the next coming years as this youthful player continues to get multitude attention from basketball fans worldwide.

Kevin Durant

Another Golden warrior superstar with an NBA MVP Award, four NBA scoring titles, two Olympic Gold medals and single NBA Rookie of the Year Award. Durant holds six stints in all NBA teams and seven NBA all-star teams. Forbes’ ranked Durant as no.26 in top 100 earning athlete in 2016 with $56 million worth. The big money comes from his Nike deal, which estimated to pay him more than $300 million in 10 years. His underwear in partnership with Neff and Foot Locker are said to make him earn millions of dollars for a lifetime as Durant is showing signs he’s still loaded with lots of surprises for the basketball fans.

Anthony Davis, Jr.

NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans’ superstar, a power forward and center player and a member of Team USA in 2012 Summer Olympics, bringing home a gold medal for himself.  He’s a three time NBA All-star teams and made history then selected first overall in 2012 NBA draft.  He’s awarded with NBA All Rookie Team in his first season. His four-year contract with New Orleans is worth $23.2 million and with a $16 million guaranteed earnings. Davis is currently not playing due to torn shoulder’s labrum, but basketball fans will see him in Nike commercial and H&R and he’s due in showing off his power in the next coming years.

James Harden

 James is NBA Houston Rocket’s superstar, a power shooter, and forward player. He earned the honor of being NBA’s most prolific scorer and best shooting guard. He’s consistent top overall players and a one-time All NBA teams. He’s awarded the first NBA Players’ Association MVP Award by his co-players. He’s a member of Team USA Summer Olympics winning him an Olympic Gold medal and one from 2014 FIBA World Cup. His Adidas deal makes up most of his big money with $200 million worth and deals from Beats, BodyArmor and Foot locker. With $118 million four-year contract, fans will see more of his versatile and deadly scoring power.

Basketball is a game that’s continually producing superstars, and fans simply love them all.

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