Playing Basketball is Healthy As Well

Basketball is a popular sport and among the most viewed. This ball game is played with two teams of five players, each trying to score points by basketing the ball in a hoop measuring 300cm or 10 feet tall  across the court. It is played indoor or outdoor. The game has lots of movements such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and with offensive and defensive play strategies. Like many other sports, basketball has plenty of health benefits.

Burns calories

Playing basketball gets one to move around a lot and in fast pace. This helps in burning calories as an hour of basketball playing, one is said to burn from 630 to 750 calories. The jumping and running in a basketball game help a 250-pounds person to burn up to 900 calories especially when played for an hour.

Endurance building

Playing basketball helps in building cardiovascular endurance. The moving and stopping in basketball is a good way of building endurance and in keeping up the heart rate up. Males with high risks of cardiovascular conditions or strokes can build endurance by playing at least less than an hour of basketball. Regular playing on the other hand reduces heart disease and stroke and it keeps the heart healthy.

Keeping the bones healthy

The demands of jumping and other physical movements in basketball are very helpful in improving bones’ health. During the physical activities in a game of basketball help muscles push and tug against the bone and this helps in keeping the bones stronger. Basketball game is a good physical activity for the young to help them build stronger bones.

Boosting concentration

Like other sports, basketball is played with a set of rules to follow and remembering them helps in boosting memory and while in the game, one’s concentration.

Developing self-discipline

Playing basketball helps individuals develop self-discipline. Following the rules and playing in a team allow players to develop self-discipline that can help them become a better person and with good disposition in life.

Building motor skills and coordination

In basketball, one has to do jump-shooting, which is a good training for hand-eye coordination. Rebounding, a missed shot on the other hand is good for full-body coordination exercise and dribbling and running the basic basketball movement is for better hand-legs coordination.

Basketball may lack the aerobics power however an hour or less playing can bring health benefits and there’s nothing more beneficial than enjoying and experiencing the fun and thrill of it.

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