Tired of Tiles? Here are Some Materials to Replace for Your Bathroom Waterproofing

May 15, 2021

Shower leaks aren’t something that a lot of people think of daily. Most of which are only caring about it if it is already happening to them. That’s why waterproofing shower is the best way to never deal with shower leaks again and prevent repairs that could go on for days and also cost a lot of money.

Tiles have been so far the default or go-to material if people are talking about waterproofing. Shower leak repairs in Sydney might be your concern if you’re a tile user because of how problematic this material is. If you’re getting tired of dealing with everything that tiles bring to your bathroom, then maybe it’s time for a change. Here are some materials you can use as an alternative to pesky tiles.


Acrylic panels in particular are much like tiles when it comes to some features, but acrylic panels are much better in the sense that they are more seamless and non-porous. Less water damage is to be expected if you have this material in your bathroom, so you won’t worry about a leaky shower repair.


Aside from being effective, PVC panels are also very affordable, making them the best option for new household owners or those that are switching from tiles. Installation is a bit tricky, however, but with enough guidance or by hiring a professional installer, everything will eventually turn out perfectly.

PVC panels are also very welcoming to customization when thinking about waterproofing shower, so if you want to add more taste to your bathroom, then this material should already be added to your cart.

Stone Resin

If you’re looking for durability above anything else, look no further because the stone resin is the appropriate material for you. It’s not prone to any deterioration, and water doesn’t damage it in any way. If you manage and take care of your bathroom now and then, the stone resin could last a lifetime.

It’s the most cost-effective out of this bunch, but the design department isn’t its best strength. You have to exert more effort into making stone resin like the other materials, but there are those that prefer its natural design and colors.

Stone resins however are very slippery when wet, so if you’re planning to use it as a bathroom surface, selecting one that is textured is your best bet to prevent any accidents from happening.

If you’re not happy with your replacement material for a waterproofing shower, you may use paints to add more depth and design. It might cost you more, but at least your bathroom now looks like what you exactly have in mind.

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